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Feeling Like a YAML Engineer?

Are you tired of piecing together a custom Kubernetes platform, only for the dev team to complain about the less-than-ideal developer experience and the management team to gripe that you’re six months behind on the migration plan?

Shipa’s application-centric management framework eliminates the need for custom Terraform scripts, Helm charts and YAML files so organizations can get started with Kubernetes immediately while Platform teams maintain full control over configurations, which reduces the security, cost and compliance risks from configuration errors.


The Basic Process

Define Pools

Create the pools that will enforce controls and security for your applications

Connect Clusters

Connect different clusters to the previously created pools where applications will then be deployed

Add Users

Add developers and other members of your team who will be using Shipa

Deploy and Monitor

Deploy your applications using Shipa and focus on monitoring and governance rather than infrastructure

The Story

The Platform Engineering Story

Watch the video below to see the day-to-day life of the Platform Engineering team.

*Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence