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The Challenges ahead

Kubernetes is messy

As organizations scale up Kubernetes, complexity grows exponentially

Developer Autonomy

Developers find it difficult to deploy, manage and monitor their own applications on Kubernetes - and once deployed, it’s hard to understand all the services and it's dependencies.

DevOps Workflow

Defining and enforcing policies at scale across security, RBAC, network, resources, service ownership, application-level audit, etc., is very complex.  

Script less - Ship more - Operate better

Kubernetes Developer Portal

Shipa provides a developer-centric portal to manage and operate applications on Kubernetes

Developer Portal

Give your developers the autonomy, observability and control they want in order to deploy and manage their own application life-cycle while focusing on the application rather than learning Kubernetes

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Application Policy Management

DevOps can implement controls and policies to manage the life-cycle of the applications using a workflow that includes controls around application dependencies and logging, ingress and network rules, security policies, RBAC, registry access and more

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Shipa integrates into your existing workflow