Full Lifecycle Application Management Framework for Kubernetes

With native governance, guardrails and automated object creation and management for cloud native applications, developers can focus on writing code that delivers value and services to the organization, not worrying about the infrastructure that runs them

Application Analysis

Understand how your application is performing and have easy access to it's logs

  • Application performance metrics
  • Resource consumption report
  • Integrate with external APM tools
  • Integrated Incident Management

Audit and Control

Complete control and audit trail of the full application lifecycle across clusters and clouds

  • App code scanning
  • Application network policy
  • Security reports
  • Automated rollback

Application Centric

Implement an application-centric full lifecycle management across clusters and clouds

  • Automated K8s object creation
  • App dependency map
  • CI pipeline integration
  • Application lifecycle report

Product Overview

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Unified Framework

Across Clouds and Clusters

Unified and extensible Application Management framework across clouds and clusters for distributed applications and cloud native services


Routing and Observability

Native integration to options such as Istio, Envoy and Traefik provide applications with advanced routing, monitoring and security capabilities


Open API

Open and documented APIs, so developers can leverage Shipa as the center or their application deployment, management and automation


Multi Cluster and Cloud

Policies and applications can finally be applied and deployed across multiple clusters through Shipa's unified application framework


Choose Your Best Option

Free Forever and Enterprise versions make Shipa a great fit for both small and large teams

Free Forever

  • Up to 5 users
  • Connect up to 2 Kubernetes clusters
  • Deploy unlimited applications
  • Canary deployment
  • CI integration
  • Automated rollback
  • Centralized policy engine
  • Community support


Per user, per month
  • Application audit reports
  • Deploy unlimited applications
  • Canary deployments
  • CI integration
  • Advanced policy engine
  • Native security workflow
  • Application network policy control
  • Connect unlimited Kubernetes clusters
  • Incident Management integration
  • APM integration
  • CSI integration for persistent apps
  • Enterprise level support
  • And more...

Learning More About Shipa

Multi-Cluster App Deployment

Learn how to quickly deploy applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters using Shipa

External Services

Learn how to easily provide access to external services for your applications through Shipa

Pools Explained

Pools are at the center of Shipa's configuration and this video explain the topic in more details

GitLab Integration

Learn how Shipa integrates with GitLab source code management repositories and CI platform for full application lifecycle management on Kubernetes