Oracle OKE

Shipa’s application management framework, integrated into OKE, provides an out-of-the-box way for organizations to build, deploy and operate the full life-cycle of Kubernetes applications. With Shipa and OKE, organizations can make up for lost time and start getting value out of Kubernetes immediately.


Shipa integrates seamlessly into JFrog’s Artifactory, XRay and Pipelines allowing customers to go directly from code to production on Kubernetes. 


Shipa and StorageOS have partnered to simplify storage in Kubernetes. Whats the demo video below on how you can deploy and operate stateful applications on Kubernetes.


The partnership and integrations between both solutions allows developers to leverage Kubernetes and all of the associated benefits, without changing the way they work.

CircleCI is dedicated to maximizing speed and configurability with customizable pipelines. Shipa is focused on simplifying Kubernetes so that developers can spend more time doing what they do best. 


Learn how Shipa’s partnership with GitLab allow customers to integrates directly with GitLab source code management repositories and CI platform for full application lifecycle management on Kubernetes.