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Kubernetes Application Management

Shipa provides a developer-centric workflow to manage and operate Kubernetes applications pre & post-deployment.

With Shipa, Developers can focus on writing and delivering application code, not Kubernetes YAMLs and objects, and have full observability of their applications and services post-deployment. 

DevOps teams can predefine the controls and guardrails and provide a highly efficient workflow across the teams involved. 

Defining Application Policies

With Shipa, the DevOps team creates an application framework to define policies that are automatically applied to applications and services deployed: resource consumption, RBAC, network policies, 3rd party services, container registry, vulnerability scans, and many more.

By binding this framework to a Kubernetes cluster, the DevOps team delivers controls and focuses on governance rather than gluing YAML, writing Rego policies, connecting open-source projects, etc.

Integrated Workflow

Shipa integrates into your existing workflow by connecting a defined Shipa framework to your CI pipeline. By doing so, Shipa abstracts the Kubernetes infrastructure from developers. No kubectl is needed for developers!

Just push your code to Git; your CI pipeline delivers the artifact to the Shipa framework, which then automates the Kubernetes object creation in the cluster where the framework is bound. Policies from the framework are automatically applied as the deployment happens.

No need to create and maintain numerous Helm chart templates. Developers are focused on application code, and applications are delivered faster and under control

Post-deployment Observability

Shipa provides a developer-centric workflow and portal to manage and operate the applications.

The Shipa developer portal shows an application dependency & network map, so developers have in-depth observability of their apps, status, and how to support them. It offers pre-built connections into existing incident management tools, application lifecycle history, version rollback, and more.

Supporting and monitoring the applications becomes easy for the cross-functional teams.

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Full Product Overview

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Unified and extensible Application Management framework across clouds and clusters for distributed applications and cloud native services


Choose Your Best Option

Free Forever and Enterprise versions make Shipa a great fit for both small and large teams

Free Forever

  • Up to 5 users
  • Connect up to 2 Kubernetes clusters
  • Deploy unlimited applications
  • Canary deployment
  • CI integration
  • Automated rollback
  • Centralized policy engine
  • Community support


Per user, per month
  • Application audit reports
  • Deploy unlimited applications
  • Canary deployments
  • CI integration
  • Advanced policy engine
  • Native security workflow
  • Application network policy control
  • Connect unlimited Kubernetes clusters
  • Incident Management integration
  • APM integration
  • CSI integration for persistent apps
  • Enterprise level support
  • And more...