[Shipa Cloud]

Shipa Cloud is our managed Shipa service. 

You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Shipa Cloud here

If you want to take a 5 min tour of Shipa and see how to deploy applications – go to our guided tour.

Please refer to the documentation below if you wish to install Shipa in your own environment. 

[Documentation] Installing and Using Shipa

You can find our documentation HERE.

Shipa documentation explains step-by-step procedures to utilize the various functionalities available on Shipa:

  1. Installing (Requirements, Walkthrough. etc.)
  2. Getting Started (Samples, CLI, Teams/Permissions, etc.)
  3. Developer Guide (Deploying, Consuming, Plugins, etc.)
  4. Operations Guide (Authentication, Services, Quotas, Security, etc.)
  5. Architecture (Platforms, Permissions, Volumes, etc.

[Video] Installing Shipa & Shipa Demo

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[Blog] Deploying a Real-World Application on Kubernetes

Shipa for Kubernetes
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