[Shipa Cloud]

Shipa Cloud is our managed Shipa service. Please refer to the documentation below if you wish to install Shipa in your own environment. 

You can register and access Shipa Cloud HERE

[Documentation] Installing and Using Shipa

You can find our documentation HERE.

Shipa documentation explains step-by-step procedures to utilize the various functionalities available on Shipa:

  1. Installing (Requirements, Walkthrough. etc.)
  2. Getting Started (Samples, CLI, Teams/Permissions, etc.)
  3. Developer Guide (Deploying, Consuming, Plugins, etc.)
  4. Operations Guide (Authentication, Services, Quotas, Security, etc.)
  5. Architecture (Platforms, Permissions, Volumes, etc.

[Video] Installing Shipa & Shipa Demo

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[Blog] Deploying a Real-World Application on Kubernetes

Shipa for Kubernetes
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