developer centric

Want to focus on your application?

Are you frustrated with how much time it takes to create, deploy and manage an application on Kubernetes? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could focus on writing and delivering code instead of worrying about Kubernetes objects?

Shipa’s application management framework fits seamlessly into the developers’ existing workflow, allowing them to keep all of their work at the application layer and see an application’s entire context without interacting with the Kubernetes infrastructure.


Script less - Ship more - Manage better

The Application Developer Story

Watch the video below to see the day-to-day life of the
Application Development team.
Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence

Direct Integration from your favorite CI/CD tool

Shipa support all major CI/CD tools and does not change your existing workflow

  • Direct integration to Jenkins, CircleCI, Gitlab and JFrog Pipelines

Application Deployment Portal

Understand how your application is deployed and performing and easy access to it's logs

Post Deployment Application Observability

Shipa will help you understand application dependencies & network mapping etc. 


The Basic Process

Sign Up

Sign up for Shipa Cloud and access your Shipa dashboard here

Bring a Cluster

Bind a Kubernetes cluster to your Shipa account as documented here

Application Deploy

Quickly deploy your application without the need to create a single Kubernetes-related object file.

Monitor Operations

Have easy access to your application performance, log, security report, and dependency map

Learn more

Developer Portal

Learn more about Shipa’s developer portal and how it can help you deploy and manage your applications.